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I am going to do a weekly ‘This is YOUR Horror’ post where you can share your real life paranormal experiences. If you want to be a part of this and you feel like you have something to share then please email me

Pictures and soundbites are welcome as i know spirits like to communicate in a variety of ways 😉




My Ghost story happened in 2002 when my daughter Shannon was 3 years old. She was in the living room on her own playing, while me and my mom were in a different room, there was only us in the house.

We faintly heard Shannon talking to someone in the other room, i thought she must be talking to the TV, but when we checked it was off. She was sat on the sofa and her dolls were scattered on the floor so i asked who she was talking to and she said ‘lady in nanny chair’. I told her there was no one there and she said ‘yes mommy lady nanny chair with white hair’.

I didn’t think anything of it till I got some photos out the next day of my Nan and Granddad and Shannon pointed to my Nan and said ‘me talk that lady nanny chair’.

My nan died in 1995.


Submission by Kelly Grice.