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So, I was filling out an application form the other day for an awesome job in the paranormal field and I added my blog to the ‘About Me’ section. It was then that I realised I hadn’t updated my site in over 18 months, BUT I have a good reason.  I now have a gorgeous 14 month old little girl and she is happy and healthy and that is what has taken all my time this previous 18 months. So, I have decided to polish off the keyboard and start to blog again. I can’t believe I have missed out on all these opportunities to blog about so many amazing shows and films that have been released this past year. Like, who saw Stranger Things?! It was bloody awesome and I am itching for another season. I have also heard there is to be a Netflix series about Slender Man, and Stephen King’s IT is currently being filmed for release in 2017. SO much is going on and I am back.


IT paranormal activity


I was surprised to see my recent post ‘Slender man’ get over 400 reblogs on Tumblr. My wordpress account is linked to my Tumblr account, just to generate more views, and i was shocked to see that the post in less that 10 hours had over 400 reblogs. What surprised me the most was that 5 minutes after posting the article i found out that the whole Slender man myth was indeed that….a myth. Created for a competition in 2006, the Slender man meme generation online interest in the scary no-faced being. Rumors started circulating, urban legends started being created and doctored images started popping up online.

The fact that even after i posted that Slender Man was just a big lie, people still continued to post the story of Slender man. This just shows fear is so addictive that even when rationally there is no danger from this mysterious Slender man, people still love the idea of being scared. Horror films have no place for rationality. We are humans embedded with fears, each persons fear as individual as the next person. Heights, darkness, spiders, clowns…..all these things cannot directly hurt us, yet people can be crippled with fear just being in the same room as a spider.

I find it fascinating how someone who feels comfortable and safe in their own home can so quickly feel scared in their own home after watching a film like Paranormal Activity. The film plants the seed in the viewers mind that even in your own home there could be unseen forces surrounding you while you sleep, stalking you in the dark, turning your safe home into a nightmare. I felt scared walking up my own stairs after seeing that film, i felt eyes were on me and the darkness was even more pronounced. Two hours earlier however, i felt safe and secure in my house, but horror films change your perceptions on things.

Stephen Kings ‘IT’ ruined clowns for me forever. My dad (stupidly) let me watch IT when i was no older than 7 years old. It was terrifying, the fact that this cold blooded killer was hiding behind the mask of a lovable friendly clown, scared the crap out of me. Was nothing safe? Then i was swiftly encouraged (not really) to watch Childs Play, a film about a killers soul trapped inside a dolls body. Not that i understood this concept at 7 years old, i just saw a doll that was evil and came to life….never again did i have the same relationship with my barbie dolls. Even to this day, i find something creepy about porcelain dolls, the piercing eyes and the subtle glint of a smile. Deep down i know that a doll will not come to life and kill me with a kitchen knife, buuuut, you never know.

I guess i have my father to thank for the Horror-ific childhood, as now i am built with a very high threshold of fear. Horror films nowadays rarely terrify me, i get the occasional jump from films such as Sinister, Paranormal Activity and REC, but films that rely on blood and guts don’t do anything for me. I am very critical of horror films and i am kind of getting fed up of the ‘This is the footage left behind in the woods, John and Paul were never found again’ – No, John and Paul are actors and i am not dumb enough to start believing this is real. Blair Witch Project had the upper hand as it was the first of its kind and they had a fantastic promotional team making the audience believe it was, infact, real.

I personally love the adrenalin rush you get from being terrified. It is like a drug. That is why i think people go back to horror films time after time. I now feel i need to push my limits just a little higher and take part in actual paranormal investigations. Then i will see if i am as brave as i say i am……