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Being told that you are going to be investigating 30 East Drive certainly stirs the emotions. I was so excited, I was getting to be a team member with Ghostly Goings On, and I was also scared, the house has a reputation for being terrifying. I was being thrown in at the deep end and I loved it.
My application form for the role of paranormal investigator with my local paranormal group had been shortlisted and I was to participate in some investigations to see if I was cut out to do this job. I had put the pressure on to rise to the challenge, I wanted to do a good job for the team and I wanted to prove to myself I could do this.

So on the 28th of September Becky, Simon and myself headed to Pontefract, in West Yorkshire, to head to the infamous 30 East Drive. I learned all about previous events at the house and the resident spirit Fred. People had been touched, people had seen dark shadows and people had heard voices. We were going to be sleeping over and I was told that previously other team members had their air beds lifted off the floor and someone’s belt, that was on the other side of the room, started to jangle. I was starting to crap myself a little, i’m not gonna lie.

We got to the house at about 6.15pm and as we entered we said hello to ‘Fred’ (I wasn’t going to risk disrespecting an angry spirit). We started to set up the equipment as the 9 other guests would be arriving at 8pm and Becky and Simon gave me a walk through of the house. These were some of the pictures I took.


When you first walk in there is a certain smell, it smells old and the decor is very dated which I think adds to the ambiance of the house. But one thing I cannot explain is the feeling as you walk upstairs, the weight of the house sweeps over you, it feels like you are wading through deep water.  The atmosphere is heavy and oppressive, it is as if the air is thick with energy.

The guests started arriving at 8pm and we started the investigation at 8.30pm. We all congregated in the living room and set up various equipment around the lower part of the house. We put a 360 parascope in the dining room, which is a light activated static electricity meter (I think that is the technical description), and some light activated motion sensors in the hallway. While we were all sat in the living room, willing the spirits to make their presence known, the motion sensor lights would come on in the hall wall and the 360 parascope would start to light up in various shades of reds, greens and blues.

Some guests could see a dark shadow in the dining room right by where the parascope was detecting static electricity, and one lady felt like her face was burning (which has been a common response to the spirits in the house).

We went up into one of the bedrooms and tried to call out the spirits with the help of an p-sb7 box and an Alice Box app. The p-sb7 box scans through radio frequencies at high speed and spirits can use this to talk through. The Alice box is a programme that allows spirits to select words from a database in response to your questions.

When we were in the bedroom with the double bed on of the guests called Kat called out to fred ‘Come on Fred, show us what you got,’ and the Alice Box spelled out Dog. Then Kat said ‘Oi Fred, are you calling me a dog?’ and another piece of equipment called the Echovox (which uses a database of phonemes to audibly respond to questions) replied ‘Woof.’ Everyone in the room laughed so much, it was hilarious to see such a calculated and witty response and all the equipment coincided with each other.

People also reported getting touched my unseen forces, many guests had their head tickled or their back poked and there was many cold spots throughout the evening. I know from speaking to the other two investigators and guests that have been to 30 East Drive before, that this was a relatively quiet night in terms of activity. Well, if this was a quiet night I can’t image how active the other nights must be.

I had an amazing time at 30 East Drive and I can’t wait to participate in another investigation and I hope we get even more evidence.


I was/am supposed to be investigating a house in Bristol on the 18th of February that has had extreme paranormal activity. The owner has had objects move around the house, noises and bangs, and a friend who was staying over even saw a little girl appear at the bottom of her bed. 

Unfortunately since we arranged to do the investigation the owner has witnessed increased activity and is now thinking of cancelling as she is worried that i may antagonise the spirits. 

I hope this goes ahead as i am really excited!

The recent publicity of James Wan’s The Conjuring is creating more and more interest in the story of the woman who inspired the film. The lead character, who is a medium and performs ghost investigations with her husband, is actually based on real life medium Lorraine Warren and her late husband Ed.

Above is the terrifying trailer of The Conjuring, the film has already attained an 8.1 average on IMDB, and everyone knows the ratings are usually harsh to horror films. The buzz about this film is intense, papers are starting to show more interest in the paranormal and interviews with 86-year-old Lorraine are becoming more and more in demand. Here is a link to The Sun’s interview with her:

The couple have performed over 4,000 investigations and were even called to investigate the famous Amityville horror house. Another famous haunting that Lorraine investigated that also got turned into a film was A Haunting in Connecticut. Lorraine claims she has seen many dark evil non human entities but is has been her faith that has protected her.

Lorraine and her husband Ed opened up The Occult museum which features actual objects which Lorraine claim are possessed by evil spirits. The Museum even features the Annabelle Doll, which is believed to be possessed by the spirit of a murdered girl.

It is without a doubt that Lorraine is one of Americas most called upon Clairvoyant, and with over 50 years of investigations under her belt she is one of the worlds most experienced. I know who i would want to call if ever i was in the need of an Exorcism.

After posting my last blog about my experience with a Paranormal investigation someone commented on my post with this reply…..

For someone who claims to be a believer she certainly applied enough skepticism and critical thinking in this case. I think if she continues her foray into paranormal investigations she’ll find an alarming lack of proof regarding ghosts at all.

I completely agree with what this person was saying, i did apply logic and critical thinking to the investigation as i wanted to get the most genuine and authentic evidence i possibly could, and i didn’t feel i could achieve that in the environment i was in. I DO believe in the Paranormal, whether it be UFOs, Ghosts or whatever, i just like to see evidence with my own eyes. I went into the investigation wanting to capture something i couldn’t explain not to be swept away with the mass hysteria and group persuasions.

Some of the best Paranormal programmes out there i.e Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, don’t just accept what they see or hear, they try to debunk it. There is nothing wrong with being a believer but also being logical. Without belittling ‘Faith’, most people believe in god, but dont necessarily feel the need to prove it – it is just a knowing.

know there is more than what meets the eye…….i am just trying to prove it.

I have always fancied the idea of being a paranormal investigator. However, liking the idea of doing something and actually being brave enough to do something, are two completely different things. So last month i bit the bullet, and signed up to take part in a Ghost Investigation at the Littledean House Hotel in Gloucestershire. I am not going to name what company i did the tour with as i do not want to slander anyone’s reputation as this is just my own personal opinion of the nights.

I noticed that this company were charging about £40 less than most other companies, and being a poor student, i decided to go with the cheaper option. My friend and i signed up to a ‘Ghost hunt, from 7pm – 3am including a free meal for £25’ BARGAIN. So we turned up at 6.45 the Hotel was lively and the Paranormal group were greeting guests in the bar area, everyone seemed really friendly and i couldn’t wait to get started.

Apparently i was going to have to wait a few hours. The first hour was spent counting heads in the room, what members were in the room, who had cancelled and who had pre booked tickets e.t.c. We were told to stop talking as the group leader was trying to count the 25 people in the room (repeatedly forgetting herself) i looked at my friend in disbelief and she had the same look on her face. We eventually sat down for a measly bowl of chips at 8.30 and began to converse with the other people taking part in the investigation. I had the feeling that 80% of the group were regulars and had continued to book with the Paranormal group.

After the meal the 25 of us were put into smaller groups to go investigate the Hotel, but we werent allowed to enter rooms 1 – 8 as they were already occupied by guests, we were left with room 9 & 10, the dining room, the entrance and the downstairs bedroom. This information immediately bent me out of shape, how were we supposed to conduct a serious investigation when there were other guest there, surely this would contaminate any EVPs we capture? Anyway, the Paranormal group then handed out various Ouija boards to the individual groups and said ‘Have fun!!’ so we bundled ourselves into the downstairs bedroom. I am no expert on the paranormal but even i knew that Ouija boards weren’t something to just mess around with for a laugh.

I was really interested in capturing EVPs during the investigation, but this was made near impossible due to the large groups of people walking in and out of rooms, laughing out load and just making lots of noise, period. After playing with Oujia board, i felt that the other ladies were jumping to conclusions with names after the first letter appeared. The glass would move to ‘C’ – ‘OMG its Colin my uncle’. The glass would move to ‘M’ – ‘OMG its Malcolm’. I do believe in ghosts, i wouldnt have this blog if i were a skeptic, but even i like to have proof, and back things up with fact. I felt it was a case of ‘Self fulfilling prophecies’, making things fit into what they were expecting to get from the Ouija board.

Next the whole group was invited up to room 10. We all congregated on the bed and on the floor. It was here that a lot of the group shared that they were psychic, so when one person said aloud ‘Oh i am getting a sharp pain in my head’, suddenly everyone else started feeling a ‘sharp pain in their head’. I was stood there at the back of the room, not feeling anything, and i felt like i was missing out. Missing out on an experience that seemed to engulf everyone else in the room apart from me and my friend. Was i missing out or was i just being rational, i didn’t come here for the experience i came here to investigate, and if that meant that i didn’t feel anything paranormal then so be it.

Upon signing up to the investigation i researched the Hotel, and there was not one indication of it being a haunted location, it still may not be a haunted location. I felt that there were too many people who were desperate for an experience that all rationality went out the window. In the evening 5 ladies were sat on an old wooden bench and they heard a creak, instead of assuming ‘Well it could have been one of us shifting our weight and making the bench creak’, they jumped straight to the conclusion that it was a Ghost.

I more than anyone would have liked to have captured something amazing, yes i got Orb pictures and a questionable EVP, but there was too many contaminates to determine it was paranormal in any way. I think that the next investigation i do has to be more controlled, an empty building with fewer researchers, so i can determine what i capture it more legit. Maybe i was expecting to much for the Paranormal Group, but i felt like the evening was a complete shambles, maybe i take this thing too seriously.

But if i don’t take it seriously then how do i expect the readers of this blog to take it seriously?

IT paranormal activity


I was surprised to see my recent post ‘Slender man’ get over 400 reblogs on Tumblr. My wordpress account is linked to my Tumblr account, just to generate more views, and i was shocked to see that the post in less that 10 hours had over 400 reblogs. What surprised me the most was that 5 minutes after posting the article i found out that the whole Slender man myth was indeed that….a myth. Created for a competition in 2006, the Slender man meme generation online interest in the scary no-faced being. Rumors started circulating, urban legends started being created and doctored images started popping up online.

The fact that even after i posted that Slender Man was just a big lie, people still continued to post the story of Slender man. This just shows fear is so addictive that even when rationally there is no danger from this mysterious Slender man, people still love the idea of being scared. Horror films have no place for rationality. We are humans embedded with fears, each persons fear as individual as the next person. Heights, darkness, spiders, clowns…..all these things cannot directly hurt us, yet people can be crippled with fear just being in the same room as a spider.

I find it fascinating how someone who feels comfortable and safe in their own home can so quickly feel scared in their own home after watching a film like Paranormal Activity. The film plants the seed in the viewers mind that even in your own home there could be unseen forces surrounding you while you sleep, stalking you in the dark, turning your safe home into a nightmare. I felt scared walking up my own stairs after seeing that film, i felt eyes were on me and the darkness was even more pronounced. Two hours earlier however, i felt safe and secure in my house, but horror films change your perceptions on things.

Stephen Kings ‘IT’ ruined clowns for me forever. My dad (stupidly) let me watch IT when i was no older than 7 years old. It was terrifying, the fact that this cold blooded killer was hiding behind the mask of a lovable friendly clown, scared the crap out of me. Was nothing safe? Then i was swiftly encouraged (not really) to watch Childs Play, a film about a killers soul trapped inside a dolls body. Not that i understood this concept at 7 years old, i just saw a doll that was evil and came to life….never again did i have the same relationship with my barbie dolls. Even to this day, i find something creepy about porcelain dolls, the piercing eyes and the subtle glint of a smile. Deep down i know that a doll will not come to life and kill me with a kitchen knife, buuuut, you never know.

I guess i have my father to thank for the Horror-ific childhood, as now i am built with a very high threshold of fear. Horror films nowadays rarely terrify me, i get the occasional jump from films such as Sinister, Paranormal Activity and REC, but films that rely on blood and guts don’t do anything for me. I am very critical of horror films and i am kind of getting fed up of the ‘This is the footage left behind in the woods, John and Paul were never found again’ – No, John and Paul are actors and i am not dumb enough to start believing this is real. Blair Witch Project had the upper hand as it was the first of its kind and they had a fantastic promotional team making the audience believe it was, infact, real.

I personally love the adrenalin rush you get from being terrified. It is like a drug. That is why i think people go back to horror films time after time. I now feel i need to push my limits just a little higher and take part in actual paranormal investigations. Then i will see if i am as brave as i say i am……