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If you are an avid viewer of Ghost Adventures and Most Haunted then it would be fair to assume that paranormal investigating is full of frights and jumps every night. If you also watch these shows you would also think that we get scratched and catch full body apparitions on camera on a regular basis. However, you would be wrong.  These shows are created for entertainment purposes and to give the viewer a cheap scare. Not saying I don’t, love these shows, cause I do, but I am now fully aware that a lot of hours of filming go into one 45 minute long show.

When I first started doing investigations I was pretty scared, I’m not gonna lie. I expected spirits to whisper in my ear, to be pushed, scratched and intimidated. Maybe I haven’t been to the right places yet, but so far I haven’t experienced this. What I have experienced can’t be explained. What I have experienced is so subtle that a camera crew would not be able to capture it. Spirit does not have to be aggressive and obvious to be noticed. When you walk into a building and you suddenly cannot breath as the air and atmosphere is thick, how would a TV show convey this? When your heart starts pounding because you feel yourself being stared down by someone or something you cannot see, how would a TV show convey this? The majority of interaction with spirits can not be seen, only felt.

One thing we always mention to our guests at the beginning of investigations is that sometimes we might not get any communication at all. That is OK. Spirits are not performing monkeys, hanging out in buildings waiting for our beck and call. One thing that genuine paranormal groups will never do is fake evidence. We would rather the guests go away and think the night was ‘boring’ that make accusations that a group is faking activity. Paranormal groups strive off of their reputations and a cheap thrill will never come before integrity. So if your night with a local paranormal group DIDN’T seem like an episode of Most Haunted then I would say stick with that group, as sooner or later you never know what you might encounter, at least you know it wasn’t faked.

The paranormal industry is becoming saturated with people trying to get their five minutes of fame by releasing a video full of cheap jumps and obvious scare tactics that genuine videos of subtle paranormal evidence are getting overlooked. I have realised that something doesn’t have to jump out at you to show you it is there, if a spirit can communicate through a flickering light or by changing the atmosphere in the room then I am satisfied with the investigation.


On the 8th of November 2013, me and my skeptic friend Connie went on an investigation at the famous Ancient Ram Inn. We joined paranormal group, Ghostly Goings On, they were extremely professional and a lovely group and am definitely going to go on another investigation with them.

Anyways, i have wanted to visit the Ram since i saw the Ghost Adventures Episode a few years ago, it look genuinely terrifying and Zac, Nick and Aaron seemed petrified. So it was a must see location.

I am very new to paranormal investigations but it has always been something that i have wanted to do, i have gathered some good quality equipment over the past few months from a high quality voice recorder, laser grid and a Spirit box(the one used on Ghost Adventures).

Anyways there was a group of about 20 of us, and then 4 members of the paranormal group so we split off into 4 small groups and went into different rooms. The place is very creepy as it is all in its original condition with low ceilings and creaky floor boards, but it isn’t very big. Trying to do EVPs was difficult as you could hear everyone in the adjacent rooms, but at least we had the entire place to ourselves, unlike my previous investigation which was full of other guests.

We started off down in the main reception room, next to John Humpfries living room and immediately got out an ouija board, me and Connie refused to take part as i don’t really think these are things to be messed with/don’t enjoy doing them. It was relatively quiet for the first 15 minutes, no movement on the board, but there were pockets of extremely cold air in the room.

Eventually the glass on the board started moving, unfortunately the other women around the board were more interested in contacting their deceased relatives than finding out about the spirits on the property. The team member from the paranormal group tried to divert the women back to the reason we were there, the spirits at the ram inn, but they seemed to just want to talk to their mum, brother, sister, dad.

Every first letter of a name was being pre-determined, as it shifted towards the ‘Oh is this Micheal by son?’, then as if my sheer chance, the glass glided over to Yes.

Then a rupture of coos and words of amazement filled the group of women. Apart from Connie, the team member and Me of course. Not saying that their family members wouldn’t have came through, but it would have been more amazing had they mentioned my nan’s name, or Connie’s nan’s name…..since our hands weren’t the ones manipulating the glass.

Anyway, after that the groups alternated to different rooms, we ended up sat on the beds in the Bishops room. I used this opportunity to get out my Spirit Box so see if we could chat to spirits that way, whereas the other women jumped on the Ouija board to try and get Aunt Merryls secret recipe for soup.

The two male team members and i sat around the bed trying to get contact on the Spirit Box, we heard names like ‘Steve’ (which was the team members name) and ‘Meows’ (apparently there is a cat haunting the room).  I was impressed by this voice that came up, it is very quiet as, unlike the guys on Ghost Adventures, i didn’t have a speaker for the device.


Shortly after this me and one of the team leaders saw a ball of light floating my the wall, we tried to debunk it by reflecting a torch on a shiny service but couldn’t recreate it. We were also amazed by the fact that the ball remained circular, where as if it was a reflection it would have deflected or bent as it went passed the beams on the wall.

I wouldn’t say i felt really scared in this room, it was eerie, but not scary. No one got pushed or touched in the Bishops Room.

Next we headed to the Barn Room. We literally just sat and tried to make contact through asking the spirits to knock or bang on walls for us. The team leader Chris then requested we turn off all torches to be in complete darkness. Could have killed him HA. I was petrified in the darkness. With a torch i am OK, but when you can’t see your own hand in front of your face, i could have died.

Shortly after we turned the lights back on, and started to capture this video on my phone…..

So, i was just freaking myself out, rather than capturing anything amazing. The most amazing thing i did capture was this picture of a man walking down the infamous stairs in the Ancient Ram Inn. Mists and shadows have been caught here before, and people have even been pushed down the stairs, here is what i caught. These pictures were taken literally a second apart.

IMG_4419 IMG_4418

Now, people have tried to say ‘Oh it is just camera glare’, i understand what glare is and the picture is taken from exactly the same angle. If my flash had hit a mirror or shiny object, it would have been in both pictures. I personally am pretty damn chuffed with this. Ha.

I would say it was a very good night, but i would like to go back again to see if i get more activity. I would prefer to go back in a smaller group maybe just 5 – 10 this time.

I would love to hear your comments on what you think of the pictures or videos!

After posting my last blog about my experience with a Paranormal investigation someone commented on my post with this reply…..

For someone who claims to be a believer she certainly applied enough skepticism and critical thinking in this case. I think if she continues her foray into paranormal investigations she’ll find an alarming lack of proof regarding ghosts at all.

I completely agree with what this person was saying, i did apply logic and critical thinking to the investigation as i wanted to get the most genuine and authentic evidence i possibly could, and i didn’t feel i could achieve that in the environment i was in. I DO believe in the Paranormal, whether it be UFOs, Ghosts or whatever, i just like to see evidence with my own eyes. I went into the investigation wanting to capture something i couldn’t explain not to be swept away with the mass hysteria and group persuasions.

Some of the best Paranormal programmes out there i.e Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, don’t just accept what they see or hear, they try to debunk it. There is nothing wrong with being a believer but also being logical. Without belittling ‘Faith’, most people believe in god, but dont necessarily feel the need to prove it – it is just a knowing.

know there is more than what meets the eye…….i am just trying to prove it.

I have always fancied the idea of being a paranormal investigator. However, liking the idea of doing something and actually being brave enough to do something, are two completely different things. So last month i bit the bullet, and signed up to take part in a Ghost Investigation at the Littledean House Hotel in Gloucestershire. I am not going to name what company i did the tour with as i do not want to slander anyone’s reputation as this is just my own personal opinion of the nights.

I noticed that this company were charging about £40 less than most other companies, and being a poor student, i decided to go with the cheaper option. My friend and i signed up to a ‘Ghost hunt, from 7pm – 3am including a free meal for £25’ BARGAIN. So we turned up at 6.45 the Hotel was lively and the Paranormal group were greeting guests in the bar area, everyone seemed really friendly and i couldn’t wait to get started.

Apparently i was going to have to wait a few hours. The first hour was spent counting heads in the room, what members were in the room, who had cancelled and who had pre booked tickets e.t.c. We were told to stop talking as the group leader was trying to count the 25 people in the room (repeatedly forgetting herself) i looked at my friend in disbelief and she had the same look on her face. We eventually sat down for a measly bowl of chips at 8.30 and began to converse with the other people taking part in the investigation. I had the feeling that 80% of the group were regulars and had continued to book with the Paranormal group.

After the meal the 25 of us were put into smaller groups to go investigate the Hotel, but we werent allowed to enter rooms 1 – 8 as they were already occupied by guests, we were left with room 9 & 10, the dining room, the entrance and the downstairs bedroom. This information immediately bent me out of shape, how were we supposed to conduct a serious investigation when there were other guest there, surely this would contaminate any EVPs we capture? Anyway, the Paranormal group then handed out various Ouija boards to the individual groups and said ‘Have fun!!’ so we bundled ourselves into the downstairs bedroom. I am no expert on the paranormal but even i knew that Ouija boards weren’t something to just mess around with for a laugh.

I was really interested in capturing EVPs during the investigation, but this was made near impossible due to the large groups of people walking in and out of rooms, laughing out load and just making lots of noise, period. After playing with Oujia board, i felt that the other ladies were jumping to conclusions with names after the first letter appeared. The glass would move to ‘C’ – ‘OMG its Colin my uncle’. The glass would move to ‘M’ – ‘OMG its Malcolm’. I do believe in ghosts, i wouldnt have this blog if i were a skeptic, but even i like to have proof, and back things up with fact. I felt it was a case of ‘Self fulfilling prophecies’, making things fit into what they were expecting to get from the Ouija board.

Next the whole group was invited up to room 10. We all congregated on the bed and on the floor. It was here that a lot of the group shared that they were psychic, so when one person said aloud ‘Oh i am getting a sharp pain in my head’, suddenly everyone else started feeling a ‘sharp pain in their head’. I was stood there at the back of the room, not feeling anything, and i felt like i was missing out. Missing out on an experience that seemed to engulf everyone else in the room apart from me and my friend. Was i missing out or was i just being rational, i didn’t come here for the experience i came here to investigate, and if that meant that i didn’t feel anything paranormal then so be it.

Upon signing up to the investigation i researched the Hotel, and there was not one indication of it being a haunted location, it still may not be a haunted location. I felt that there were too many people who were desperate for an experience that all rationality went out the window. In the evening 5 ladies were sat on an old wooden bench and they heard a creak, instead of assuming ‘Well it could have been one of us shifting our weight and making the bench creak’, they jumped straight to the conclusion that it was a Ghost.

I more than anyone would have liked to have captured something amazing, yes i got Orb pictures and a questionable EVP, but there was too many contaminates to determine it was paranormal in any way. I think that the next investigation i do has to be more controlled, an empty building with fewer researchers, so i can determine what i capture it more legit. Maybe i was expecting to much for the Paranormal Group, but i felt like the evening was a complete shambles, maybe i take this thing too seriously.

But if i don’t take it seriously then how do i expect the readers of this blog to take it seriously?

This is what i captured last night at Littledean House Hotel. The orbs are moving very intelligently, even moving out of the way of my camera.

I am going to be participating in a Paranormal Investigation at Littledean House Hotel on the 12th of July. I am very excited, the building dates back to the 1800s and has been a hotel for the past 100 years. The building hasnt had many, if any, investigations so i am very excited to see if we capture anything. I know the night is going to involve table tipping, ghost box EVPs, and dowsing. I have just purchased a night vision camera and a UV torch.

I will do a huge follow up blog after the investigation. Fingers crossed the ghosts want to talk/be seen.



Leanne x