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Today I went to a car boot sale to see what treats I could find and I ended up buying 5 gorgeous porcelain dolls.


I am quite interested in purchasing spirited dolls and am trying to enhance my ability to feel energies! These five were really drawing me to them so I had to have them!

I ended up getting a few EMF spikes with the doll on the left with pig tails. I then decided to film the dolls and this is what I caught!!

The orb flickers in a blue colour, and is really amazing! I am very excited to see what these dolls have in store for me.




Bobbie arrived today at about 5.45pm. She is so cute. I need to do a welcoming ritual to make her feel welcome 😀 I am slightly nervous, not gonna lie, i’ve never had a spirited doll before. I hope she feels welcome.

I have uploaded a YouTube video of my first interaction with her.



Today i was lucky enough to be announced as the winner of this beautiful spirited doll called Bobbie. I entered a competition with this week and the terms were – You donate £1 to the Animal Defenders International and everyone’s name gets entered into a draw.

Well i am the lucky winner and i should be expecting her within the next few days. I am really excited, i have a very positive vibe from this doll and i cant wait to welcome her in.

This is my first ever spirited doll and i don’t know what to expect, but i will keep everyone informed through my blog, maybe make some videos too.

Have a fantastic weekend!