Blue shimmery orb from Haunted doll!

Posted: September 14, 2014 in Haunted dolls
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Today I went to a car boot sale to see what treats I could find and I ended up buying 5 gorgeous porcelain dolls.


I am quite interested in purchasing spirited dolls and am trying to enhance my ability to feel energies! These five were really drawing me to them so I had to have them!

I ended up getting a few EMF spikes with the doll on the left with pig tails. I then decided to film the dolls and this is what I caught!!

The orb flickers in a blue colour, and is really amazing! I am very excited to see what these dolls have in store for me.

  1. darrel gardner says:

    I think you Are. Awesome keep blogging as your reads are special x


    • leannejourno says:

      Thank you so much, that is very kind of you!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • darrel gardner says:

        I have since a earlier age been interested in the spiritual world, I have a child spirit who has followed me around for years she started of just a shadow or smudge like effect in my room now after 4 moves and still she shows herself to me I have looked in to who she could possibly be , now after speaking with my nan I find that I had a friend as a very young child called Rebecca that passed away and I apparently didn’t speak to know one for months after , I said to my nan wy cant I remember her my nan being very tuned in to these sorts of things told me because you put a mental block up from her as a young child because of how much it hurt after losing her . She said as she held my hand she’s trying to make you remember how much fun you had and that it wasn’t your fault she past and that it was an accident. I believe my nan always with these sorts of things as she is very tuned in doing private reads for people all the time ,


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