Now that Game of Thrones is over and we still have a few months until The Walking Dead starts up again, i have a fun new game for you and your friends to try out. By fun i mean ridiculous and weird.

But bear with me, this game sometimes has spooky and scary consequences. So if you are brave enough, and don’t burst into a fit of laughter, give it a go.


The game needs at least two players. One person sits on the floor with their legs crossed and another person lies down straight, with their head on your lap with their eyes closed. If there are more players they must sit in a circle around the first two people.

The person who is crossed legs should gently rub the temples of the person lying down and tell either, or both, of the following stories.

Cat Story 1: 

There once was an old lady who owned a Cat.

The cat was very nice.

It meowed and purred.

One day, the cat got hit by a car and died.

Catscratch, catscratch, catscratch.

poep peop peop


The old lady got a new cat.

The cat was very mean.

It hissed and clawed.

Catscratch, catscratch, catscratch.


One day, the cat got hit by a car and died.

The old lady decided not to get anymore cats.

Catscratch, catscratch, catscratch.


Cat Story 2:

You are walking through a dark alley late at night.

You are the only one there.

The ground is slick with rain.

The alley is filled with garbage cans and litter.

But then you hear something.

A movement in the garbage cans.

You pick up your pace.

You want to get out of the alley fast.

But then you see something.

Red eyes. Glowing red cat eyes.

They are the eyes of an enormous cat.

You run, but the cat chases you and jumps on you.

It scratches you, one, two, three.

Cat scratch, cat scratch, cat scratch!


Immediately after you have finished the story/stories, get the person who is lying down to quickly stand up and lift up their shirt. There should be scratches on the person’s back. Scratched from the cat……

  1. deborah says:

    I did this as a kid and it always worked.


  2. Bob the builder says:

    Is there a trick to it?


  3. Shaelyn says:

    THIS GAME IS SO REAL!!!! 😱😱😱


  4. robinhood says:



  5. Alondra Llanos says:



  6. kiarna marsh says:

    apparentally u have to end this game or the scraches will stay there and will burn like fire do u know how to finish


  7. Gabby says:

    I am having two friends staying over! We played a game similar to this , but instead of the cat scratching you it’s a little girl , you tell a spooky ghost story and of the little girl don’t like the story she will scratch the persons back that is laying down. My friend and I are playing it with the lights off. My other friend didn’t want to play it , so she was laying on my bed , playing on her phone listing to music. I came up with the spookiest story I could think of. But my friends back was completely clear , the only thing on her back is her tattoo. There was no scratches but a break out of hives in a straight line , and circle like scratches , and when I was recording her back as so I could show her , my other friend that didn’t take part in the game started to wince in pair , and I looked at her back and her poison Ivey was beat read as if someone was scratching it , and there was other scratch marks. So I also record her back. We go down stairs and see what my sister is doing , then my friend that played the game with me started to say “ow” over and over. I look at her back and there are a lot of scratch marks that look like it’s trying to spell something out. Then we went back up stairs , she acted fine. Then she started to get real sick , and then she got real hot , both of them are having heat flashes. My room is chill. We go over the videos I took and we see a women’s face in her back , then in my other friends there is also a face. Now my friend is really tired like all her energy has been drained , her body is 4 different temp. She keeps talking about the women in white , and how she needs help. She says she’s pointing at something. The only thing I don’t get is why she got hives , she should of only got scratches. She then says her body is numb , and that it hurts. And her legs and feet will start to turn purple , and she will just stare at my celling. My house was apart of the underground rail road , and there’s a secret room above mine and she keeps staring at the celling , I don’t know what to do and I really need help.


  8. casst says:



  9. Amishaa says:

    Oh my god!


  10. Kayla romo says:

    I don’t think u need to end the game because me and my friends played and the scratchs would show then disappear


  11. Abril Martinez says:

    this is scary my sister has a lot of cat scratches like 10 of them


  12. Grace newell says:

    This really did work. The scratches went away in like 5 seconds


  13. TJ says:



  14. TJ says:

    My cat sometimes licks me and bites me and she scratches me a lot i got scratch last night and it hurt ouch


  15. Rayne says:

    I did it with my friend lily and we did it about 10 times her back got filled more and more scars. They don’t go away!


  16. It's me says:

    It stopped working on me.. It worked the first two times, and then it just stopped. It’s really annoying now that I cant do it

    Also, hey idiots, you cant end it. They dont burn, either. They fade really fast.


  17. WarriorsCats says:

    All of my friends say there are “consequences” if you laugh while laying down, do you know what would happen?


  18. Anominous says:

    It’s not real I know the trick


  19. annette says:

    guys I did this 2 weeks ago and it worked. I couldn’t feel the scratches and everything was fine. But I just noticed a HUGE (like 5 inch) scratch on my upper arm and I don’t know how it got there. It’s been happening a lot. Is it happening to anyone else?


  20. savannah says:

    dude this does not work I just tired two times with 2 different peope


  21. Alicia says:

    What’s the trick cause it worked on me & my friend 7 times…


  22. G says:

    Me and my friend done cat scratch and it worked.😼🙀


  23. Gracie says:

    it worked… but the scratches are becoming more… what do I do


  24. Connor says:

    Omg I did it on my friend and it didn’t work and he did it to me and it worked


  25. Kat says:

    It didn’t work the first time on me but we only read one story then I tried it on my sister and bright red scratches appeared and disappeared in 5 seconds but is there really consequences if you laugh when your laying down ? Because I kind of giggled for a second but idk if that counts


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