I would genuinely love to have a career in the paranormal field. I am currently at the University of Gloucestershire studying journalism but a huge passion of mine is definitely all things weird and wonderful.

I started this blog because i wanted to put my degree to good use and write articles and share interesting content but i am still wondering how i can mix the two interests, journalism and the paranormal, to make a career.

In an ideal world i would be the host of a new fresh ghost investigation show, i personally feel Most Haunted is losing its younger audience and it needs to be refreshed. I don’t like paranormal shows that have big film crews contaminating audio and not giving the viewer the best POV action. This is why i love Ghost Adventures so much, you can, 9 times out of 10, view exactly what Zac, Nick and Aaron are seeing. They can instantly account for any shadows or sounds as it is only the three of them doing the investigation.

I have seen other shows which have a huge film crew and microphone beams and shadows from the producer can be seen in the shot, and i find this distracting. Also, when they see shadows walk past a door how do they know it isn’t, Tom, Dick or Harry on the production crew?!

Back to the point, i want to be the British female Zac Bagans. There arent enough shows fronted by women and especially paranormal shows, the women usually play the role of the frightened side kick jumping at a badger’s fart.

So come on, someone out there must have the connections in production???

Here is a picture of me just to show you how bad ass i am. Well, i am actually a wimp but fear is my favorite emotion……..



  1. Mixtape Master Jip-C says:

    I definately support the idea of a female lead paranormal investigator. Equivilant to the intensity that the Ghost Adventures Crew have. They work really hard to get the facts, the history is thoroughly researched and narrated entertainingly by Zak Bagans. Its the only paranormal show I care for these days as some of the others are a tad rediculous.

    So…DO IT!!


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