Now i am in no way a ‘Gamer girl’ and my attention span when it comes to shoot-em-ups last about 5 seconds…….But, i am a huge fan of horror and if a game acted more like a scary film that involved me as the main character, then it has my attention.

This potential game, i say potential game as it has not been released yet, is called ‘Sound of Silence’ and the concept is that the game adapts and tailors the story line to your worst fears. Shitting yourself yet?

Sound of Silence is the brainchild of Michael Chiniquy. Think creepy monsters, blood splatters, flickering light bulbs, it is bringing me back to the first time i played Resident Evil or Silent Hill. Below is the original concept that was released in 2012, it began development in November of that year, after the video went viral and over 250,000 viewers demanded the game be made.

There are rumours that a demo will be released early 2014 and, i for one, cannot wait.


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