The recent publicity of James Wan’s The Conjuring is creating more and more interest in the story of the woman who inspired the film. The lead character, who is a medium and performs ghost investigations with her husband, is actually based on real life medium Lorraine Warren and her late husband Ed.

Above is the terrifying trailer of The Conjuring, the film has already attained an 8.1 average on IMDB, and everyone knows the ratings are usually harsh to horror films. The buzz about this film is intense, papers are starting to show more interest in the paranormal and interviews with 86-year-old Lorraine are becoming more and more in demand. Here is a link to The Sun’s interview with her:

The couple have performed over 4,000 investigations and were even called to investigate the famous Amityville horror house. Another famous haunting that Lorraine investigated that also got turned into a film was A Haunting in Connecticut. Lorraine claims she has seen many dark evil non human entities but is has been her faith that has protected her.

Lorraine and her husband Ed opened up The Occult museum which features actual objects which Lorraine claim are possessed by evil spirits. The Museum even features the Annabelle Doll, which is believed to be possessed by the spirit of a murdered girl.

It is without a doubt that Lorraine is one of Americas most called upon Clairvoyant, and with over 50 years of investigations under her belt she is one of the worlds most experienced. I know who i would want to call if ever i was in the need of an Exorcism.


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