dark skies


I watched this film last night and i thoroughly enjoyed it. It steered clear of cliches and cheesy quotes and gripped the viewer from the very beginning. I have no idea why but i thought the film was going to be about ghosts…….i was wrong. The actors were all fantastic and the characters were relate-able, even though there were only a handful of ‘jumpy’ moments i didn’t care,  the story made up for lack of scares.

The film didn’t seem too long or dragged out either, and i am glad they didn’t end the film with the cheesy ‘Oh we have survived this ordeal we are so blessed, thank Jesus’, the ending left you with more questions than answers, and personally i like this. The film is open to a sequel but no one knows if this will actually happen. I would definitely recommend this film.

Rating = 8 out of 10


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