I have always fancied the idea of being a paranormal investigator. However, liking the idea of doing something and actually being brave enough to do something, are two completely different things. So last month i bit the bullet, and signed up to take part in a Ghost Investigation at the Littledean House Hotel in Gloucestershire. I am not going to name what company i did the tour with as i do not want to slander anyone’s reputation as this is just my own personal opinion of the nights.

I noticed that this company were charging about £40 less than most other companies, and being a poor student, i decided to go with the cheaper option. My friend and i signed up to a ‘Ghost hunt, from 7pm – 3am including a free meal for £25’ BARGAIN. So we turned up at 6.45 the Hotel was lively and the Paranormal group were greeting guests in the bar area, everyone seemed really friendly and i couldn’t wait to get started.

Apparently i was going to have to wait a few hours. The first hour was spent counting heads in the room, what members were in the room, who had cancelled and who had pre booked tickets e.t.c. We were told to stop talking as the group leader was trying to count the 25 people in the room (repeatedly forgetting herself) i looked at my friend in disbelief and she had the same look on her face. We eventually sat down for a measly bowl of chips at 8.30 and began to converse with the other people taking part in the investigation. I had the feeling that 80% of the group were regulars and had continued to book with the Paranormal group.

After the meal the 25 of us were put into smaller groups to go investigate the Hotel, but we werent allowed to enter rooms 1 – 8 as they were already occupied by guests, we were left with room 9 & 10, the dining room, the entrance and the downstairs bedroom. This information immediately bent me out of shape, how were we supposed to conduct a serious investigation when there were other guest there, surely this would contaminate any EVPs we capture? Anyway, the Paranormal group then handed out various Ouija boards to the individual groups and said ‘Have fun!!’ so we bundled ourselves into the downstairs bedroom. I am no expert on the paranormal but even i knew that Ouija boards weren’t something to just mess around with for a laugh.

I was really interested in capturing EVPs during the investigation, but this was made near impossible due to the large groups of people walking in and out of rooms, laughing out load and just making lots of noise, period. After playing with Oujia board, i felt that the other ladies were jumping to conclusions with names after the first letter appeared. The glass would move to ‘C’ – ‘OMG its Colin my uncle’. The glass would move to ‘M’ – ‘OMG its Malcolm’. I do believe in ghosts, i wouldnt have this blog if i were a skeptic, but even i like to have proof, and back things up with fact. I felt it was a case of ‘Self fulfilling prophecies’, making things fit into what they were expecting to get from the Ouija board.

Next the whole group was invited up to room 10. We all congregated on the bed and on the floor. It was here that a lot of the group shared that they were psychic, so when one person said aloud ‘Oh i am getting a sharp pain in my head’, suddenly everyone else started feeling a ‘sharp pain in their head’. I was stood there at the back of the room, not feeling anything, and i felt like i was missing out. Missing out on an experience that seemed to engulf everyone else in the room apart from me and my friend. Was i missing out or was i just being rational, i didn’t come here for the experience i came here to investigate, and if that meant that i didn’t feel anything paranormal then so be it.

Upon signing up to the investigation i researched the Hotel, and there was not one indication of it being a haunted location, it still may not be a haunted location. I felt that there were too many people who were desperate for an experience that all rationality went out the window. In the evening 5 ladies were sat on an old wooden bench and they heard a creak, instead of assuming ‘Well it could have been one of us shifting our weight and making the bench creak’, they jumped straight to the conclusion that it was a Ghost.

I more than anyone would have liked to have captured something amazing, yes i got Orb pictures and a questionable EVP, but there was too many contaminates to determine it was paranormal in any way. I think that the next investigation i do has to be more controlled, an empty building with fewer researchers, so i can determine what i capture it more legit. Maybe i was expecting to much for the Paranormal Group, but i felt like the evening was a complete shambles, maybe i take this thing too seriously.

But if i don’t take it seriously then how do i expect the readers of this blog to take it seriously?


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