After posting my last blog about my experience with a Paranormal investigation someone commented on my post with this reply…..

For someone who claims to be a believer she certainly applied enough skepticism and critical thinking in this case. I think if she continues her foray into paranormal investigations she’ll find an alarming lack of proof regarding ghosts at all.

I completely agree with what this person was saying, i did apply logic and critical thinking to the investigation as i wanted to get the most genuine and authentic evidence i possibly could, and i didn’t feel i could achieve that in the environment i was in. I DO believe in the Paranormal, whether it be UFOs, Ghosts or whatever, i just like to see evidence with my own eyes. I went into the investigation wanting to capture something i couldn’t explain not to be swept away with the mass hysteria and group persuasions.

Some of the best Paranormal programmes out there i.e Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, don’t just accept what they see or hear, they try to debunk it. There is nothing wrong with being a believer but also being logical. Without belittling ‘Faith’, most people believe in god, but dont necessarily feel the need to prove it – it is just a knowing.

know there is more than what meets the eye…….i am just trying to prove it.


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