My experience with the paranormal began on Thursday 12th August 2010, at around 1/2pm. I met with a close friend of mine,Nathan, who I rarely get to see. We share similar interests like music and the paranormal. Nathan arrived at mine with his guitar and we spent a couple of hours playing music, doing some recordings in my bedroom and messing about. Then afterwards, we got onto the subject of ghosts. We started sharing ghost stories and began searching for some spooky ghost videos on Youtube.

After spending hours watching different clips of Ghost related material online, we started thinking of places that are local that we could drive to and walk around, however, it turns out we didn’t have to go anywhere at all. So that is where we left our search for the paranormal…..or so we thought.

Everything started happening around 6pm. We had just eaten a pizza, and Nathan mentioned that he started to feel a bit weird….What is strange is that nearly every time he says he feels weird, or he can sense something, something paranormal immediately happens. 

As we were sat in my bedroom, Nathan mentions he feels like he is being watched, so suggests that we start taking pictures to see if what he was feeling can be captured on film. I thought maybe this was an effect of watching ghost related stuff online.

So I got my camera out and started to take some pictures. As i looked at the image in the back of the camera something appeared on one of the photos that we couldn’t explain. The picture that I took is posted below.


You can clearly see at least three orbs in the right hand side of the picture, and a red anomaly moving out of the bottom of the bed. The room was completely pitch black when we took this picture with just the flash for light.

We decided to take a few more images, while i was taking some pictures Nathan complained of a really deep pain on his shoulders.



In the image where Nathan is on the bed, you can see a small orb behind his neck, was this causing him the pain? In the third image there looks to be something crouching under the curtains, behind the bed… a red mist. I guess you can make you own assumptions about that picture.

Nathan wanted to leave my house there and then, there was no way i was staying home alone, so i left with him. That is when things got even freakier.

We got in his car and drove to the local shop. On the way, this black cat that was sat in the road staring at us. I passed a comment about the black cat and how in “superstition” it’s unlucky. (I later found out it’s meant to be lucky to see/pass a black cat but oh well.)
We sat in the car and debated what had happened, and what to do next. I had my camera with me so suggested we go into the graveyard down the road. (All Saints Church, Wribbenhall)

As we approached, neither of us were brave enough to actually walk inside far, so we both stood in the entrance and looked around. I took 2 pictures – the final 2 pictures of the night.



In the first dark image there was a lot of mist, possibly an apparition trying to form, and i was definitely creeped out.  In the second image i couldn’t believe how many orbs we had captured. Nathan had started to comment that he could see a huge orb, but every time i looked in the direction he was looking, it disappeared.

However, when I looked back in the graveyard the next time, I saw this HUGE orb, and I mean, HUGE. It must have been the size of a tennis ball, and was glowing very bright. It was floating above this grave, but it shook violently as if to say “go away”.
We both ran!

We decided to walk back to the car. The churchyard is on the main road, with houses and cars filling the street, so we let our guard down as we didn’t expect much to happen. As we stood with our backs turned to the graveyard, waiting to cross the road, Nathan started to become severely agitated. That’s when we heard this squeal behind us. Nathan was about to run infront of a car so i grabbed his jacket. He went mental at me, raised his voice and told me to get off. As soon as he raised his voice, whatever was making the squeal from behind us also raised their ‘voice’.

Suddenly you could hear running behind us, coming from inside the graveyard, and it was so fast it was inches from us within seconds. This horrible screeching noise was getting louder and louder, so we ran.

I will never forget that sound, it wasn’t an animal, that’s for sure. We jumped into the car and sat there for a good 30 minutes, not knowing what to do or say, then suddenly the black cat from earlier walked right up to his side of the car and just sat staring at us. We were both looking down the road towards the graveyard when we both noticed something right at the bottom of the road. This black aparition was at the bottom of the road and was slowly creeping up towards us. It was getting bigger… and bigger… and bigger… and closer… and closer… until Nathan didn’t want to stick around to find out what it was. He started the car up and we were off. We didn’t know where to go or what to do, but we had enough. It wasn’t until we got home that we realised it was now Friday the 13th, was this all a coincidence, or was there a connection?

Submission by Brian Moule 


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