Children, and their fascination with the paranormal.

Posted: July 5, 2013 in Ghosts, Urban legends
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It’s funny when i think back to being a child, i remember the supposedly haunted house at the top of our road, the weird old lady that everyone was convinced was a witch, and all the urban legends that filled the school playground. Being brave was something that people craved, the amount of ‘I dare you’s that spilled into my weekends was endless. I was a wimp though. It may have been the endless horror films i watched as a child or the fact that i was just infact a wimp, but i never managed to complete a dare.

I remember crying once, when i was about 12, after the local older kids told me that a two headed dog was in my charm necklace. Ridiculous i know, but i believed them and never wore the necklace again, even though it was a gift from my late nan. What a fool.

Bloody Mary was a legend that was very popular in my school around 15 years ago, we would sheepishly turn the bathroom lights of during break time, and push the bravest girl nearest to the mirror. Echos of ‘Go on, do it’ filtered around the small cold stalls, while the brave girl would start knocking on the mirror. ‘Bloody Mary’ *knock* ‘Bloody Mary’ *knock* ‘Bloody Mary’ *knock*…………

Then someone would scream loudly just to ensure we all pissed out pants in unison.

‘My gran got killed by Bloody Mary’, one girl said to us in the playground. We all looked at her in horror, it must be true, why would she lie about such a thing. Well, looking back she obviously DID lie. The astounding things kids would say to be the center of attention, eh?  It just proves that even kids like to be scared, whether it be Bloody Mary, Candy Man (we all did candy man) or the classic ‘Light as a feather, stiff as a board’ children are experimenting with the paranormal from a very young age.

I hope that when i have children they will be as intrigued about the paranormal as i was at a young age. I think it is healthy to have an interest in what cannot be seen. I will, however, tell that than under no circumstances is an Ouija board allowed in the house, we always know that Ouija boards fuck shit up.


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