Review: The Purge

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Films
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12 hours where all crime is legal. 12 hours where hate filled and angry people can murder. These 12 hours end and everything goes back to normal, where employment is at 1% and the economy is booming. Hmm…

This film was a roller coaster rider, but the metaphor doesn’t describe the tension and build up, it describes the massive loop holes obvious from the first 10 seconds. It is such a shame really, as i had high hopes for this film, i loved Sinister and Paranormal Activity.  The film jumps straight into the Sandins preparing for the annual purge, the children are anxious and the dad ensures them it will just be like every other year and they will be fine. Famous last words….

The Sandins are faced with a dilemma when young Charlie lets in a homeless man being chased by ‘Purgers’. It is now up to Ethan Hawke, sorry i mean James Sandin, to decide whether he release the homeless guy back into the street like an injured gazelle amongst the lions, or keep him inside and let 30 strangers kill him and his family? What would you do? James, being a big softie, can’t bear to carry the weight of this mans life on his heart, so instead he pulls out his massive gun and says ‘We are gonna fight’….. 

So he cant bear to indirectly kill one guy, but 30? Fiiiinnnne. Pass the bullets. So the savage purgers break into the house, dance and giggle around for a bit, then attempt to find the family to kill. I’m sorry, but that is a lot of effort for one homeless guy. There are about 5 very annoying scenes where a purger is face-to-face with a Sandin family member and they decide to recite some Shakespeare monologue before they pull the trigger, and in that time someone else turns up and shoots them from behind.

Even the Sandins neighbors turn up to join in on some Sandin blood shed, but wait, it gets to 7am (the end of the purge) and they all just stroll back to their home and continue to brew a pot of coffee, like nothing happened. I am sorry but any sane person would not feel the need to kill a person, even if it were legal for one day. A killer doesn’t have the restraints to deny the pleasure they get from blood shed to one day a year, if they had restraint there would be no murder at all. Wouldn’t it be a huge cycle of revenge to kill who killed your loved one the year before? 

I would personally just date my tax returns to the date of the Purge and live with the safety blanket of the ‘Crime Free day’, technically i committed tax evasion on the day where it was legal…so Na na Na na naaaaaaa. 


Oh i forgot to write *SPOILER ALERT* Woops. You will thank me. 


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