Slender Man.

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Urban legends
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*EDIT* – Due to the recent stabbing in the US in relation to the Slender Man story, please note this post was written nearly a year ago. Slender Man is NOT real, it is just a story.

So i have spent the best part of two hours researching Slender man. Honestly, i had no idea whether this was just some great advertising for an up and coming film or some urban legend. The legend goes that people are stalked by the faceless man/being leading up to their inevitable disappearance. People will see this being following them in the woods or in the darkness, they will be overcome with feelings of nausea and sickness and this will lead them to paranoia and to show signs of erratic behavior. No one else will be able to see the Slender man, apart for the person he has chosen to stalk. Then, the person of choice will disappear…..never to be heard from again. Well, that’s how the story goes.

I found various Youtube videos and websites dedicated to this legend, some believe he is real and some believe this is all hype. I am one of those people that believe there is no smoke without fire, so there must be some morsel of truth. However, stories spread as fact can cause mass hysteria and can cause sane people to see Slender man in bushes, trees and in the darkness. It doesn’t necessarily mean he is there in between the trees, the witness just happens to think they have seen him .

Photos and videos have surfaced as fact but very few look genuine, like most talked about phenomenon, people want to get views on their blog or page and will stoop to making fake and altered images. Nowadays with the marvel of technology, it is very easy to photoshop and alter images to create a spooky and seemingly legit image. It is very hard to separate the real from the fake, just adding fuel to the millions of skeptics out there.

If Slender man was ‘real’ then wouldn’t the media and news outlets spread more awareness and warnings about this being? Anything that is seen as paranormal/mythical and cannot be cemented with fact, will never be publicised on the mainstream media. Ghosts and UFOs are never headline news, even though i wholeheartedly believe in them, the general public will forever be in mixed minds about the paranormal.

This is why i want to research and investigate other phenomenon, to help non believers….Believe.

  1. Even if it does belong in the ‘urban legend’ bracket this creature makes for a thoroughly nightmarish presence and could go far! 🙂 Regards, Paul.


  2. daddy fu says:



  3. Lionel Messi says:

    It was just revealed Slenderman doesn’t exist. Find another way of wasting your time dude.


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