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The 7 Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through.

1. Root Chakra – Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded.

  • Location: Base of spine in tailbone area.
  • Emotional issues: Survival issues such as financial independence, money, and food.
  • Imbalances: Fatigue, Low back pain, Depression, Cold hands and feet
  • Healing: Exercise and restful sleep, Red food & drink, Red gemstones & clothing, Red essential oils (ylang ylang or sandalwood)


2. Sacral Chakra – Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences.

  • Location: Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel and 2 inches in.
  • Emotional issues: Sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure, sexuality.
  • Imbalances: Alcohol and drug abuse, Depression, Allergies, Yeast infections, Urinary problems, Sexual problems
  • Healing: Massage, Orange food & drink, Orange gemstones & clothing, Red essential oils


3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives.

  • Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area.
  • Emotional issues: Self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem.
  • Imbalances: Digestive problems, Diabetes, Constipation, Memory loss
  • Healing: Learning, Doing puzzles, Detoxing, Yellow food & drink, Yellow gemstones & clothing, Yellow essential oils (lemon)


4. Heart Chakra – Our ability to love.

  • Location: Center of chest just above heart.
  • Emotional issues: Love, joy, inner peace.
  • Imbalances: Heart and breathing issues, breast cancer, high blood pressure, muscle tension
  • Healing: Family time, Spending time with nature, Green food & drink, Green gemstones & clothing, Green essential oils (pine or eucalyptus)


5. Throat Chakra – Our ability to communicate.

  • Location: Throat.
  • Emotional issues: Communication, self-expression of feelings, the truth.
  • Imbalances: Thyroid problems, Hormonal issues, Fever, Menopause, Mood swings
  • Healing: Singing, Conversations, Collecting, Blue food & drink, Blue gemstones & clothing, Blue essential oils (chamomile)


6. Third Eye Chakra – Our ability to focus on and see the big picture.

  • Location: Forehead between the eyes. (Also called the Brow Chakra)
  • Emotional issues: Intuition, imagination, wisdom, ability to think and make decisions.
  • Imbalances: Learning disabilities, sleeping disorders, imbalance
  • Healing: Watch the stars, Meditation, Indigo food & drink, Indigo gemstones & clothing, Indigo essential oils (patchouli)


7. Crown Chakra – The highest Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.

  • Location: The very top of the head.
  • Emotional issues: Inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality, pure bliss.
  • Imbalances: Headaches, Mental illness, Senility, Lack of coordination, Rashes
  • Healing: Focus on dreams, Writing down inventions, Violet food & drink, Violet gemstones & clothing, Violet essential oils (lavender)




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